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This Fine French Empire Gilded and Bronze clock signed and made by Honore Pons of Paris. Dated 1827.

The Bronze case is surmounted by a Young Prince with a Mace, symbolising the " Kings Power". In ancient times the Mace was a wooden weapon of war, similar to a club. During the fourteenth century, the Mace, by then made of precious metal and covered with jewels, had become the symbol of the King's authority.

Young Prince with Mace French Clock

  • 15"  ( 38 cms )  High

    10"  ( 26 cms )  Wide

    3.5" (9 cms )     Deep

    No. 7 Key

  • It is of an 8 day duration. Silk suspesion with a anchor escapement. Count wheel striking on  a bell.

    Serial no. 838

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