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Robert McMillan

The London Clockmaker

is based in London, and has been trading since 1973.

Since completing his apprenticeship in Hampshire, he has gained considerable knowledge and expertise in the conservation, restoration and authentication of French Empire Clocks.


His extensive and enviable stock list is unrivalled in London, the EU and probably the world. All clocks sold by Robert McMillan are covered by guarantee.



All clocks sold by Robert McMillan are covered by the following guarantee:


This clock sold by me is Guaranteed whilst in the ownership of the initial Purchaser against any mechanical defect.


This Guarantee is only valid if:


  1. the clock is not exposed to unreasonable atmospheric conditions. This includes excessive heat, dust, cold or humidity;

  2. the clock is not subject to unreasonable handling. This means aggressive winding or transporting without appropriate precautions and protection;

  3. the clock’s movement is cleaned and serviced by me not less than every three years.

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