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Height: 15"    (38 cm)

Width:  7'5"  (18 cm)

Depth:  4"     (10 cm)

Key No. 5

Serial no. 117 

French Bronze Empire Mantel Clock. circa 1810

  • The movement is of an 8 day duration, having a anchor escapement and a silk suspension. Count wheel striking on a bell.

    This fine clock is surmounted by a trophy (tazza) of bronze and gilt. Below the dial is an applied gilt mount of two seraphins supporting pomegranates and laurel leaves either side of a globe, surmounted by Swans. At the top, hunting horns and panpipes.  Made and signed by "Pons" (De-PaulP, Honore, St Nicolas D"Aliermont and Paris 1806 to 47)

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