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The image of the Oath of the Horati, as depicted by David in his Painting of the same name, hanging in the Louvre in Paris is quintes'sentially the Image of that pierod. This Clock of the same theme made by the Jolly Brothers circa 1795 in their workshop in the Heart of Paris.

Expressing the Ideal, that Honour and Duty were of more importance than personal safety.  The story here told, depicted in the lower relief pannel, show the outcome, Just one brave soldier survies the Day.


  • This very fine Empire Gilded Mantel Clock signed and made by 'Gentilhomme and Gaston Jolly of Paris' circa 1805. It is of an 8 day duration with count wheel striking on a bell. 


    The theme of this clock is "Honour" and depicts the story of the OATH OF THE HORATII. This clock is alluding to and by association with, the celebration of the prowess of the common French soldier. Reinforcing the ideas of Honour and duty over personal safety. As Painted and inspired by David and whose Painting, hangs in the Louvre, Paris. 


    Similar clocks are in the Royal residences of Buckingham Palace, the Royal Palace of Stockholm and a Castle in Munich. 

  • Height 19" (48 cm)

    Width 21" (53 cm)

    Depth 8.5" (22 cm)

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