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This fine Empire Bronze and Gilded Mantel Clock depicts "Aristides the Just". He was thus named because he was popularly recognized as never seeking personal glory or financial gain in his public service to the people of Athens. As a result, during his adult life, Aristides was asked to arbitrate difficult private and public issues. He was also an Athenian soldier and statesman. He was one of the 10 commanders in the Battle of Marathon.

Aristides the Just.

  • 12'5"  ( 32 cms )  High

    8'5"    ( 22 cms )  Wide

    3'5"    ( 9 cms )    Deep

    No. 4 Key

  • The movement is of an 8 day duration, Anchor escapement with silk suspension. Countwheel striking on a bell. Serial no. 3294. Made and signed by Henry of Paris. Silvered dial and blued steel moon hands. circa 1805

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